Air Defence Turret MK I

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 The anti-aircraft gun on its turret reliably captures all approaching targets in order to fight them automatically. If necessary, its twin guns can also be used effectively against ground units.


 The pack contains files for:

• a rotatable air defense turret


Turrets can be exchanged with all other MK I turrets from NEOPHIR.


Models are designed for 28mm miniatures, but might be re-scaled to fit your game or diorama.


They are suitable for various historic periods or game types. 

Items list:


Please find further instruction and print and assmbly tips in the product instructions file.

N0015P1_Instr_Air_Defence_Turret MK_I.pd
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Please note that this offer contains STL files only.


You will need a home 3D printer or use a print service to get the parts printed. Models were designed for and tested with home FDM printers with 0,4 mm nozzle, 50-200 microns layer high and PLA plastic.

Print quality and results may vary depending on the used 3D printer and the printing and slicing software and used scale and parameters.

Details might be lost, additional support be required or printability impacted in general when rescaling.

You may need to rotate objects for optimal printing or add supports, particularly for overhanging areas.


Figures, accessories and surrounding scenery seen in pictures are for demonstration purposes only and are not part of the product.

See the product description and/or item list of the digital models to find out exactly what the files contain.


All models and files are for personal use only and may NOT be used for commercial purpose (selling and/or distributing for profit).

All files are copyrighted works.  Do not copy, alter, share, modify, or sell these files or the digital or physical  models these files produce (2d or 3d).

We advise reading the full Terms & Conditions.